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Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
an agreement were the high value measures. you cannot achieve something you don't measure. where the priorities, were reassuring period charivari put the emphasis to have everybody rowing boat in the same direction. may seem small but have a meaningful difference but aligning credentials in the private sector we created organizations to synchronize credential in dealing with any one of our health plans with the same credentials laying process. there are opportunities to space attack and that can workout very quickly very well with higher satisfaction achieving the performance we want. third, david, you mentioned in your opening comments, there needs to be a stepping back to think about how does meaningful use and simplification go together strategically? where do the incentive fight one another and what is the best way to improve performance? brash replied emphasis public and private? these conversations are beginning in the public and private sector but we need to think about how do these things a line to make sure we achieve effective deficiency? those are a couple things to start off the con
Jan 28, 2013 8:30am EST
the leader of the conservative movement o of the 1980s. the 1980s 50,000, the likely nominee. jack kemp doesn't yield to reckon that persuades reagan and american history is different. so i'm for fighting fights. as a row this in the context of women in ground combat units where i was very distressed that a bunch of republican senators in the last 48 hours who decided we had women in charge in 2012, so we're not going to oppose something that is literally not i think an extremely damaging -- [applause] >> and will be extremely damaging to all kinds of ways and there are many good arguments against it. we wrote a good editorial against it. but a politician sometimes over thinks these things and they tell us i can't fight this fight because he we did bad in 2012 but i can't fight this fight because with other constituencies who don't want it. you end up tying yourself in knots. i think is a big possibility for political entrepreneurship over the next years. jack kemp when he took on the entire republican in 75, six, seven was a popular. you get it from the house. he was a backbencher. he was not
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
involved in these situations and with general scowcroft sitting in the front row, i think it is appropriate to think back on one episode that i think is relevant. april, 1991. i don't know whether it is in the traffic but transformed in another book but there's an account of jim baker and visiting the kurdish region of iraq and watching the tens of thousands of refugees streaming away from it was geared to be a possible attack by saddam hussein. they were called back to washington according to the account his voice breaking and said we must do something. what the bush administration did with this refugee crisis is sent 20,000 troops and send -- set up a no-fly zone to protect the kurds. that administrations and 30,000 troops to panama to restore democracy. 20,000 to somalia to deal with the humanitarian catastrophe and in all of those cases thousands of of hundreds of thousands of lives. what we are proposing is not 20,000 troops or 30,000 troops. what we are proposing is that we provide the aid, the military and humanitarian aid to the opposition to turn the tide right now in the fight aro
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3